Sunday, May 31, 2009

Road Trip!

Today we took a little road trip and went down to visit Dan and Chris for breakfast. Chris's brother Paul joined us for breakfast and we talked a lot about his upcoming trek. Paul and a friend are planning on biking across North and South America! They will be departing from northern Alaska and biking all the way to the southern tip of Argentina. They leave in 30 days and will be blogging about their trek all the way. Here is the link to their website if you want to follow along too.

After breakfast, we went to the Wrentham outlets for a little shopping and fresh air. Lisa took the opportunity to get some much needed non-maternity clothes, while Scott and Alice cruised the sidewalks... well Scott walked up and down all the sidewalks while Alice snoozed in the sun. She of course would wake up and express her concern if Scott even thought about slowing down or even stopping!

Now we are home and getting ready for the work week again. Scott will be back to work for a full five days starting tomorrow and Lisa and Alice will be home alone for the first time on Monday. Lisa is a little nervous about playing Mommy all day long, but she reminded me that Alice loves bouncing on the yoga ball, so they can always do that... who knows maybe they will bounce all day long!

Here is Alice striking a pose after we got home


  1. Lisa you look fantastic. Alice you are beautiful. Wow Scott you have some stiking women in your life. Glad that you got out and about today. Lisa you are a good mom and will continue to be. Just enjoy this time that you have with Alice because it will be gone befoe you know it.

  2. Okay now I am mad...Lisa you look better than me and my "baby" is 16 months old....fess up to the secret!!