Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fans of Alice

We have been very fortunate to have lots of friends and family stop by over the past week to wish us well and share in the new addition to our family. Here are a couple pics of the latest visitors.

Robin and Dave Alcott, now known as 'Super' Uncle Dave and 'Super' Aunt Robin (simply because calling them Great Aunt and Uncle made them sound too old) stopped by this afternoon and made us a great lunch. It was fun chatting with them, though Alice was not the perfect hostess. She preferred to spend most of the afternoon eating in the bedroom with mommy or sleeping in the nursery.

We also had a pop-in from two of Scott's lab mates from work. They updated him on all the new happenings since he has been out for the week... turns out he did not miss too much. It was nice to see Carrie and John though and if it were not for folks like them, he would not be looking forward to going back to work on Tuesday!

John... Stop hitting on my daughter!


  1. Great new photos today. Ron and Barb say hi to all of you. We are here now. Love to all