Saturday, April 21, 2012

Family Fun in Minnesota!

It is that time of year again - for our annual trip to see the Red Sox!  This year our trip was to Minnesota.  Grandma Marcia and Papa Pete rented a big house in St. Paul and the whole family met up to vacation together for the week.  Such a fun time!

Here we are so excited to be flying all the way to Minnesota!:
Alice was so excited to have the chance to spend some time with everyone.  It seemed that every moment was filled with fun!
And did we mention there was an indoor swimming pool in the house??  Super awesome.  We went in almost every day, and it was such a special treat to have in the house:

Daddy's best friend, Shannon, his wife, Mary and their daughter, Teagan, who is a year younger than Alice, came down and spent a couple of days with us.  The fun multiplied!:

One of the most fun parts of the vacation was an indoor playspace that we visited filled with giant climbing structures and massive slides.  The kids and the grown-ups all had a great time:

Alice and Miranda shared a bedroom at the vacation house.  The loved bonding and chatting late into the night.  The managed to get in lots of great cousin time.  Here they are watching the iPad together:
Grandma loved having the chance to tuck the girls in at night, and the girls loved their Grandma time:
Here is Alice, deep in conversation with Uncle Eric:
Here are Auntie Vicky and Miranda enjoying an escalator ride:
Mommy, Daddy and Alice loved spending time with everyone on vacation!

Here are some additional photos of us enjoying family time during our vacation in Minnesota.

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  1. I shall not comment on each of the family vacation's posts...what I shall say is I am so lucky to have a family that loves to be together. I am so blessed that we all get along and that we continue to take the time to be together and laugh together and grow in our love for each other. I think this was the best of all of all of our vacations but know actually that the best is yet to come. WHAT A FANTASTIC TIME. Loved every single minute of it.