Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nickelodeon Universe Adventures

While in Minnesota, we discovered to the delight of the kids that the Mall of America had transformed the old "Camp Snoopy" into the new "Nickelodeon Universe" complete with rides themed with all of our favorite characters, like Dora the Explorer!

Here are Alice and Mommy, riding Diego's bus:
Our cute nephew, Elijah!:
Waiting to ride the carousel:

The Dora ferris wheel was fun:
We got a great photo of the entire family while we were there:
The mommies and their girls:

The girls enjoyed a ride together in a firetruck:
Alice got really sleepy toward the end of the day, and enjoyed a snuggle with Grandma:
We were so surprised at the end of the day to see the "real" Dora!  Miranda bravely ran right up to get a photo and hold Dora's hand...
True to form, Alice felt a little more shy and waved to Dora from across the barrier:
Here are the rest of the photos from our day at Nickelodeon Universe.

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