Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fun Around Town

We have been in Salem for about a year now, and we have enjoyed exploring our new town whenever we have a chance.  Here are some fun shots from around town!:

One day when Alice and Daddy were walking home from school, they ran into a family that was looking to get rid of this little car, so Alice became a new car owner!
A new restaurant in Salem opened recently, called Life Alive.  Here is Alice, trying rice milk for the first time:
At our neighborhood CVS, Alice found models of our next-door neighbors, Deb and Ed's car and truck!:
Alice always loves checking out the flag display in the center of town:
Firefighter Alice at one of our favorite local restaurants, The Engine House:
One of our favorite activities in Salem is visiting the Peabody Essex Museum.  Here is Alice, checking out the duck she created:
Here she is, magnifying her hand at the museum:
We always love checking out the local music scene.  Salem often hosts concerts in the downtown area and we try to attend as many as we can.  Alice loves taking in the music and often dancing too!
Here is Alice on her new bike, with her little doll, Bobo, on the back enjoying the ride:
Here are some additional photos from around town.

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  1. What a fun town you live in. Always something to do.