Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hopping and Flopping!

One of the unexpected side benefits of the house we rented in Minnesota was the... TRAMPOLINE!  We did not even realize it was there until we arrived at the house, but, boy, we had fun with it!

Here is Uncle Brandon jumping with Alice and Miranda:
Here are our two jumping beans, crawling around, looking for trouble!

Going for it!
Daddy took a turn hopping with the girls:

As you can see from these photos, Alice spent her entire time in the trampoline nose-diving, but she absolutely loved every second of it!:

Mommy spent quite a bit of time playing with the girls in the trampoline.  Here they are playing their favorite trampoline game, "Tickle Kangaroo."  The song goes, "If you don't high five the Tickle Kangaroo... the Tickle Kangaroo's gonna tickle you!"
Watch out girls, there is a Tickle Kangaroo behind you!
As much fun as the indoor swimming pool was, Alice had a hard time deciding whether the swimming pool or the trampoline was her favorite.  These kids have a tough life!

Here are some more trampoline photos.

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