Monday, April 23, 2012

Red Sox at Twins - Annual Baseball Trip!

It was time, once again, for our annual ball park visit.  This time, we watched a series in which the Red Sox played the Minnesota Twins at Target Field.  Since this series occurred during our Peterson family vacation, the rest of the family were able to join in for a game or two.

Uncle Eric, a big Twins fan, was of course happy to join us for all three games!:
Here are some photos of the Red Sox players getting ready for the big games:

Alice, Miranda and Elijah especially enjoyed seeing the Twins' mascot, "TC":
Here is a photo of Mommy, sitting with the girls:
Enjoying the game:

Our proud little Red Sox fan:
The Vetters come along for the ride, but we suspect we are slowly winning them over to Red Sox Nation!:
Daddy is explaining to Alice how to score a game:
Alice is a great Red Sox cheerleader!
It's not always the case, but the Red Sox gave us lots of reasons to smile during this series:

Here are some more photos from the fun Red Sox games!

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