Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Alice! (Minnesota Edition)

Tonight it was time to celebrate Alice's birthday!  She will be turning three in less than a month (so hard to believe!), and since we were with family in Minnesota this week, the celebrations began a bit early.  She chose Toy Story cupcakes to share with everyone. 

Her cupcake frosting turned her tongue blue!

Miranda helped Alice open her birthday presents:
To support Alice's jet-setting lifestyle, Grandma and Papa presented her with her very own suitcase!
Similarly themed, the Vetters got Alice a fun toy airplane:

Uncle Eric hit gold with his present for Alice - a Buzz Lightyear Toy Story telephone!
These girls are too cute and really having a great time together in Minnesota!:

Grandma can't get enough of them either.  Alice is going to miss everyone so much when we head back to Salem:
Each night, the girls say goodnight to the swimming pool!  Here they are, doing just that:
Here are the rest of the photos from Alice's birthday celebrations in Minnesota:  Thanks everyone for your thoughtful and generous gifts.  Alice was so blessed to be able to begin her birthday celebrations with all of you!

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